My Device: BB ‘Huron’ 8830 World Edition – Gmail App

Before I start to write about the blackberry thingy, please let me be a cranky person for a while.

I wanted to make a blog in english that talks about international issues or politics. I thought it would be very helpful for me to keep on living on IR department. That’s why I made this blog!

But hey! check my blog!! There’s no such international issue nor politics! Hmmm, let’s see, I have some cranky-me stuffs, I uploaded photos of me and my friends, I wrote about apple, 2 posts about Susan Boyle. Hmmm, NO SERIOUS POST, NO INTERNATIONAL ISSUES, NO POLITICS ISSUES. It’s just like my other blogs in english version! Screw me!

But anyway, whatever, this is my blog, I have my own concept about my blog, and let’s say I changed my concept! From now on I’m gonna write about… err… whatever I want in this blog. BUT!! I’ll write it in english! OK! Deal!

And today, I’m gonna talk about blackberry. (See, I have no talent in writing about international nor political issues but somehow I really love to write about technology. It’s not that I’m the miss-knowing-everything-about-technology but I think it’s kinda easy to have me commenting on such things related to technology, IT, etc. This is so fixed! Choosing IR as my major is totally a wrong decision!)

OK, like what I said above, it’s about my blackberry. I have an old blackberry. It’s blackberry 8830 world edition (or commonly known as HURON). People said Huron battery life is one of the best among other blackberry type. I thought it was right when I first used it without subscribing the BIS (blackberry internet service). I didn’t need to charge my blackberry everyday. I didn’t charge it for about 3-4 days and it was still on (don’t you think it’s cool??). It was all OK until finally I started subscribing the BIS (“hey, don’t call your device blackberry if you don’t subscribe the BIS” -quoted from a friend of mine). All of a sudden, the battery life dropped! If I activated the push mail, the ubertwitter, BBM, and YM it just can withstand for about 6 hours!! Ah, maaaann!! So I chose not to turn on my YM so it can withstand longer.

I think it’s not YM nor ubertwitter nor BBM that drained off the battery. It’s the push mail! OK, to be honest I don’t really need the push mail (well, I could say that I don’t really need blackberry. In fact I just don’t like it. I use it because my old cellphone Sony Ericsson P990i is no longer ‘healthy’ it gets error every time receiving more than 5 messages in one time. And at that time my dad suddenly gave me that Huron, so I just could be so thankful because at least I have a cell phone). There’s no such a very important email for me so I have to check it every single minute. So simply I don’ need that push mail thingy. FYI, I love to change my sim card based on my finance condition (I don’t stay in a boarding house but yes, I live apart from my parents) if my dad has sent me money, I’d use my im3 to activate the BIS. But if my dad forgot to sent me money, then I’d use my xl to activate the BIS. Because of that thing, when I used my xl again, suddenly, I couldn’t activate my push mail! But the other application ran well.

Disaster!!!! Wait! I said that I don’t need that push mail, rite? Yes, I don’t need that. But at that time, I was about to off to Jakarta. And I was waiting for one of PMUN speakers confirmation via email. That meant I needed to check my email often. Well actually I got another reason but it’s not that important anyway. So, I tried to open my email via BB browser. I don’t like it. It’s totally uncomfortable. But then I found something on the top bar:

What’s that??? I downloaded it. And voila I can check my email comfortably!!!

OK, here’s a brief review about gmail for mobile.

  1. The user interface is OK. In fact it’s better than if you open your email via browser.
  2. It’s not like the push email that makes you can receive your email in real time. You need to refresh it to check whether you received emails or no. But it has the auto refresh system that will auto refreshing itself and gave you notification there’s a new email.
  3. Sending email is OK. No problemo.
  4. Contacts? It’s synchronized with your email account (What I mean with synchronized here is not that it will be synchronized to your BB contacts, but if you organized your gmail contacts, you just have to type the name and it will appear. You don’t have to remember the email address).

And above all, since I didn’t activate my push mail, my blackberry life time is become longer! Yes! I love it so much. So, if you’re getting sick of your blackberry battery, just install this gmail application (i don’t know whether there’s any yahoo or AOL version, I don’t use that.) and your blackberry will on longer! LOL (Now, I feel like I make such a advertisement or something like that). But, don’t you think it’s kinda weird? Most people use blackberry because they need push mail, rite? Well, in my case, I don’t need push mail. I need a phone that can stand by for a long time since I have lotta things to do out there. 😀

OK. That’s all. Any comment? Don’t be reluctant to ask. Your comment is so welcome here 🙂


  1. okeh deal 🙂
    today read fourth paragraf
    bri likes visit ur blog
    its looklikes bri play n learn english here^^
    whatever..errrr…you have your concept dud
    hey ras…
    lalalala bri sing a song^^
    ras why are you likes write about susan boyle?
    did her a best figure ras….?thanks 🙂
    __smile morning 🙂 __

    • first of all, thanks for visiting my blog often…
      there’re just two post about her. it doesn’t mean that i’m a fan of her or considering her as a great figure. you’d better read the post, and you’ll understand why i wrote about her. 🙂

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