Happy Birthday Indonesia!

Yesterday, August 17, all Indonesian commemorated Indonesia’s independence day. And I didn’t attend the flag ceremony. This is my second year for not attending the ceremony. And, I can’t deny how I miss the ceremony. Standing for about an hour, wearing cap, wearing uniform. Howa, I miss those things.

The euphoria of independence day still exist here. Many races, competition, and events were held to commemorate it. The carnival also.

And one special thing in this Indonesia’s 64th birthday is 2486 scuba divers successfully broke the world record for “most people scuba diving simultaneously” in Bunaken. The divers unfurled Indonesia’s flag underwater, and they did all of the ceremony stage underwater including read the proclamation text.

Oh yeah, I forgot something. Maybe most Indonesian felt yesterday was very different than other Indonesia Independence day. Like what posted before, there’s 2 bombing issues in Indonesia last month. And couple days ago, Indonesia’s special detachment, densus 88 just did their best to eradicate terrorism in Indonesia. Even though the one who was killed wasn’t Noordin M Top, but hey let’s appreciate what they’ve done to our country!

And those supports to densus 88 and other supports to eradicate terrorism in Indonesia strengthen us to unite. Anyway, #IndonesiaUnite was being #1 the trending topic on twitter ^^.

Wow, this 64th birthday is so special! Indonesia, I wish you all the best!! Love you so my country!! ^^

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