ANTM-ing Along The Short Semester

So, what’s ANTM? I believe, most of you already know what ANTM is. It’s America’s Next Top Model. Just google it peeps, then you’re gonna find lotta talented model!

So far it already reach the 12th cycle. But I just watched the cycle 11. The winner in the 11th cycle is McKey. But, she’s not my favorite anyway. My favorite was Samantha!! Yes, Samantha! It’s not because she got the same name as my macbook. But because she’s soooo… Err, sooooo… humble i think.


Talk about humble, Analeigh is humble too. But, she’s too nice. She’s too sweet. And she’s not as expressive as Samantha… If I have to make a list from the most favorite to less favorite, I’ll make it like this:

  1. Marjorie
  2. McKey
  3. Sam
  4. Analeigh

Well, I won’t write the rests. Let it be a secret. LOL.

Anyway, because of watching the cycle 11, I wondered about other cycles. Then I just have an idea to buy all of the cycles of America’s Next Top Model! But, I just realized when something popped-up in my head: “Hey, Ajeng!!! Do you have money??? Reminder: You’ve booked a book from times Bookstore! And you have to pay it this week!”. Darn.

Last but not the Least, I won’t make any review about ANTM cycle 11. Just watch it by yourself, guys. šŸ˜€ Especially for you who have lotta free time. Or maybe, you’re in a very looooooong holiday and you just have no idea what to do, just come to the nearest DVD rent or DVD store and BUY THE ANTM DVDs!!! šŸ˜€

N.B.: I love the tagline:

Wanna Be On Top?

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