Yes, I Miss You

I miss my besties a lot. Even though I meet them everyday, but we never really catch up and make conversations. We have lotta things to do. We have our own business. PMKT, International Seminar, radio, dances, classes, etc.

I just dropped my tears while I’m writing here. I really want us to be completely five.

Hanging out together, even we never have our lunch together again!


Miss you so, dears…

Thanks to Syeni who successfully made me drop the tears


  1. oh really?
    when you write this article
    tears dropped in you face??

    so sweet…
    thanks for comment at my blog
    iwill wait for another ones

    you nice blog have link at myblog

  2. yeah, i had a great chat with my best friend named syeni and i cried.
    why is it become ‘so sweet’ for you? hehe..
    i’ll add you in my blogroll anyway.. u can check it out on friendofriendo link…

  3. thanks for add me
    may ask you more question saras??

    are you indonesian??what your hobiies..
    are you student college??where you study??

    soory if my writen english not well…

  4. sure, bri…

    yes, i’m indonesian…
    my hobby? well, as you can see, I love writing, even though my writings aren’t good, but i love to write.
    yeah, i’m a university student in Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR) majoring international relation..

    u don’t have to say sorry… your english isn’t bad, bri πŸ˜€

  5. we need hangout together with some friends. but, sometimes, we get busy with our job. i miss my friend in high scholl and collage, but, yeah..we are busy in our world now.

  6. hi saraswati sweetheart!! makasih yah udah mampir di blog ku..btw, itu yang edisi sapi ada kok, tungguin aja postingan2 berikutnya.. i will dedicate the sapi postcard to u..stay tune!

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