Way Back Into Love

Recently I just made a new playlist in my iPhone titled, “Tergilas Cinta” How can I translate it to English, huh? “Tergilas” can be translated into crushed I guess. So it means crushed by love. Super cheesy! I know! But the thing is that’s exactly what I feel in these couple months. I think I’m falling in love.

One of the songs in the playlist is Way Back into Love sung by Hugh Grant featuring Hayley Bennett. Yesterday, as I drove back to Jakarta from Bandung, I listened to the song and pay too much attention to the lyrics and I really love the last chorus: Continue reading


#IRREPLACEABLESHARON Day 30: @Sharon_Corr performance in #IRREPLACEABLE Concert. She was awesome! I really love her performance. But she didn’t sing songs from her solo album 😔 I waited for Butterflies and We Could Be Lovers. Anyway, this one is the last challenge of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON. I also would like to say thanks to the team for such a joyous moment. Also big thanks for Sharon Corr for these amazing 4 days, and for always giving us inspirations in music. I love you team, I love you (at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC))


#IRREPLACEABLESHARON Day 19 : favorite documentary of The Corrs cc: @Sharon_Corr . Home. Maybe because I feel like it’s their farewell. It tells their beginning until their last album. And I love them even more because I see they do not forget where they were born and raised. I miss them.