Happy Farm! (Happy Farm, January 2010)

Don’t protest, peeps. Sometimes, I just cannot keep my childish personality to stay inside. Sometimes I release her to have some fun. So, I let her drew on my Sony Ericsson P990i. And here’s the result:

original pics

She drew 5 animals: cow, pig, chicken, squid, and sheep. But then, she edited with the help from adobe photoshop:

happy farm #1

She smiled. It’s kinda errrr cute? Whatever! But, Maybe need more colors! Re-edited! And the result:

Happy Farm #2

Cool, huh?

What??? Just so-so?????

OK! Whatever you say, I will keep it here, in my blog. I like this picture! 😀

50 random facts about me.

Tagged by Ella. I supposedly post this on my facebook note. But, I preferred to write it here. 🙂

1. Do you like chinese food? yups
2. How big is your bed? small enough for me :p
3. Is your room clean? nope! LOL
4. Laptop or Desktop computer? macbook haha
5. 1000 feet above or below the ground? above! hey i love heights!
6. Do you smoke? used to
7. Does anyone like you? peut etre
8. (on a bus) sit or stand? sit
9. Sleep with or without clothes on? with clothes on! Gosh! i can’t imagine myself sleep without clothes!!
10. Who sleeps with you every night? Nanda. Well, not every night but ALMOST every night.
11. Do long distance relationships work? dunno, never tried.
12. How many times have you been pulled over by the police? never
13. Pancakes or French Toast? pancakes, please… with ice cream!!
14. Do you like coffee? YEAH!!!!!
15. How do you like your eggs? unscrambled :p
16. Do you believe in astrology? sounds irrational. but, yes!
17. Last person you talked to on the phone? Nanda‘s father
18. Last person on your missed call list? Nanda
29. McDonalds or Burger King? Hate them both
20. Number of pillows? 2
21. Last thing you ate? sushi tei
22. Last thing you bought? nescafe original
23. What are you hearing right now? silence
24. What kind of jelly do you like on your PB & J sandwich? blueberry
25. Can you play pool? yes
26. Do you know how to swim? yups
27. Favorite ice cream? i have no favorite. i love all kind of ice cream.
28. Do you like maps? maps? why i should like it?
29. Tell me a random fact? whale can’t eat anything bigger than a plankton.
30. Ever attend a theme party? nope
31. Craziest place you’ve slept after a night of drinking? i never drink, and i never get drunk.
32. What is your favorite season? i probably could love winter if there’s winter in indonesia.
33. What is the first music video you ever saw? forgot
34. Pick a movie quote: piglet-“how do you spell love?”  pooh-“you don’t spell it, you feel it”
35. Best friend’s name? I don’t need to write their name here. I’m sure they already know that I’d write their name as my best friends in every single page of my life 🙂
36. How long have you known them? Since they knew me.
37. Last time you laughed at something stupid? Thursday, December 16, 2009
38. What time did you wake up this morning? 8.
40. Best thing about winter? snow and everything covered up with white color.
41. Name a couple of favorite colors: blue and white
42. How old are you? 19
43. What month is your birthday in? March
44. Has anyone told you a secret this week? Probably
45. What are you doing this weekend? Studying for Non-Governmental Organization and Civil Society Empowerment exam.
46. How many siblings do you have? 1
47. Have u ever got a crush on someone? hell, YEAH!
48. By the way, what is your name? Ajeng
49. pearl or diamond? Diamond
50. Who will take this survey? Dunno, I won’t tag anyone. So, if you just have nothing to do and you wanna kill your time by doing this stuff, please do it 🙂

Ella The Tag-Queen

Baru ninggalin FB sebentar, tiba-tiba aja udah ada 4 notes yang ditag ke aku. Dan, semuanya ditag oleh Angelina Lourensia Anggraheni. Buset nih orang emang ratu tag.

Well, anyway, aku nggak akan nge-tag orang-orang. But I can’t deny that I enjoy doing this thing! LOL. Jadi, aku bakalan mengerjakan tag kerjaan ella ini di blog aku aja. Bwehehehe.


  1. Do you need him/her to be good looking?
    i don’t wanna be hypocrite here. so i’ll say: YES. i need him to be good looking (at least in my eyes).

  2. Smart?
    yup. smart guys somehow always turn me on. LOL.

  3. Preferred age?

  4. Preferred height?
    taller than me is a must.

  5. How about sense of humor?
    as a pisces, i really love people who have good sense of humor.

  6. How about piercings?
    lemme ask u, boy. who’s the girl? you? me? i don’t even use any piercing. so please don’t use it! i don’t want u look more girly than me.

  7. Accepts you for who you are?
    for sure!

  8. Pink hair?
    PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Once your hair turns into pink, I’ll grab a scissor and cut your hair without asking you anything!

  9. Mushy or no?
    NO!!! i’m soooo mushy… so i need a person who is not mushy to be wif me.

  10. Thin or fat?
    doesn’t really matter.

  11. Black, Brown or White (skin color)?
    doesn’t really matter. i have ex-es with different kind of skin color. LOL.

  12. Long hair or short hair?
    doesn’t really matter. as long as u don’t ask me to go to saloon together. FGS.

  13. Plastic or metal?
    what is iron man? it’s metal or plastic? LOL

  14. Smells good?

  15. Smoker?
    do whatever u want include smoking. BUT! don’t do it in front of me.

  16. Drinker?

  17. Girl/Boy-next-door type?
    hmm. haha.

  18. Muscular?

  19. Plays piano?

  20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar?

  21. Plays violin?

  22. Sings very good?
    YES! (darn, i answered yes to these 4 questions about having a musician bf. what’s in my mind? obsessed of having musician bf or what???)

  23. Vain?

  24. With glasses?
    i’ve wrote that somehow smart guys always successfully turn me on. and, guys with glasses are looked sooo smart. and i like it!

  25. With braces?
    why does he have to use braces?

  26. Shy type?
    aw! shy guy is a cute guy. LOL.

  27. Rebel or good boy/girl?
    hmmm… both are OK.

  28. Active or passive?

  29. Tight or bomb?

  30. Singer or dancer?
    singer, please. (DARN! this answer definitely strengthen the hypothesis about me who’s obsessed having a musician bf)

  31. Stunner?
    hmmm, just ordinary, please..

  32. Hiphop?

  33. Earrings?

  34. Mr/Ms. count-my-ex-boyfriends-until-you-drop?
    it would be better counting the stars in the sky rather than counting my ex-es!!!

  35. Dimples?
    hmmm, puorquoi pas?

  36. Bookworm?
    i love guy who love reading. But, don’t be a bookworm, please.

  37. Mr/Ms. love letter?
    N’ah!!!!! Don’t treat me that nice. That’s boring!

  38. Playful?

  39. Flirt?
    Flirt? To me? Yes!

  40. Poem writer?
    Why not? We’ll write it together, boy!

  41. Serious?
    Don’t be so serious! I love Joker! “Why so serious?”

  42. Campus crush?

  43. Painter?
    Paint me paint me! But don’t make me feel the pain!

  44. Religious?
    religious – agnostic. ^^

  45. Someone who likes to tease people?
    hell YEAH!!!!!!.

  46. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?
    internet freak sounds better.

  47. Speaks 20 languages?
    wow! that would be COOL!!!! but that’s not a must 😀

  48. Loyal or faithful?

  49. Good kisser?
    ya ya ya! LOL

  50. Loves children?
    A MUST!!!!!!!!!! i love children! He has to love em too!!!


•Orang-orang berkata kalo gw…

•Kalao dapet 1 milyar gw pasti…
Bikin kedai kopi! Booo! That’s my dream!

•Klo kejebak macet gw…
Nyalain iPod dong.

•Indonesia adalah negara yang…
punya segalanya.

•Mantan gw…
ada 3.

•Klo berada di depan kuburan M.J…
doain lah.

•Hidup ini penuh dengan…

•Tak ada tempat yang indah selain…

•Ke mana pun gw pergi, pasti bawa…
HP. dompet. iPod. buku!

•Kalo divonis kanker…

•Pagi-pagi enaknya makan…
bubur ayam.

•Pekerjaan yang paling membosankan didunia adalah…
nyuci baju! huehue (curhat)

•Hal yang paling mengerikan di dunia adalah…

•Bencana alam itu…
peringatan dari Tuhan.

•Waktu SMA gw dikenal sebagai…

•Saat yang paling tenang, saat…
Bobo sambil dengerin lagu-lagu easy listening tanpa punya masalah besar yang ngeganjel di hati dan nggak insomnia.

•Paling males kalo ngelihat..
Ajeng bugil! Geuleuh!

•Kalo orang ciuman didepan gw…

•Gw pengen banget…
nggak moody.

•Hape gw bagus, tapi alangkah bagusnya lagi klo gw bisa beli…
iPhone. amiin!

•Wanita2 cantik dan seksi di dpan gw sambil ketawa2 keras2, dalem pikiran gw…
Boooo, kayanya gw sama seperti mereka deh. Sama2 cantik, sama2 seksi, dan sama2 norak. LOL.

•Pria dengan jeans robek”, baju hitam gambar tengkorak, ngerokok, nongkrong depan circle-K, dalem pkiran gw…
Boy, go somewhere and chase your future dong, ah!

•Orang yang sok imut dan sok childish…
yaudah. emang kenapa? asal jangan ganggu gue

•Lagi jalan, ada yang lewat pake motor bilang “fuck you”
fuck you jugaaaaaaaaaaa.. mwah!

•Mama papa bilang kapan nikah?
kalo udah bosen jomblo,

•Afgan dateng kerumah…
suruh masuk lah. masa di diemin di depan rumah. kasian amat.

•Kalo tengah malem ditelepon pacar…
hahahahaha! langsung dooong! minta ditemenin melek. soalnya aku lagi insom! hahaha. mampus kamu, pacarr!!!!!

•Kalo besok kiamat..
emang udah waktuna.


  1. Jam berapa kamu bangun tiap pagi? kadang jam 5 kadang jam 6 kadang jam 8 kadang jam 10. Hahaha.

  2. Kamu maunya STEAK-mu diapain? maksutlo???

  3. Apa film yang terakhir kamu tonton di bioskop? UP.

  4. Apa acara TV favoritmu? ga punya TV

  5. Jika kamu dibebaskan memilih, kamu akan memilih tinggal dimana di dunia ini? perancis. ataw yunani. darn i love those countries!

  6. Apa sarapanmu? biasanya sih ga sarapan. tapi, kalo ada si roti doang satu slice.

  7. Apa makanan favoritmu? BASO BU UMAR!!! RAWR!

  8. Makanan apa yang kamu tidak sukai? KAMBING! argh!

  9. Tempat makan favoritmu? bu umar. haha.

  10. Setelan pakaian favorit? kaos + celana jeans

  11. Kendaraan apa yang kamu kendarai? angkot. Haha..

  12. Apa pakaian sehari-hari yang kamu sukai? kaos + celana pendek

  13. Jika diberi kesempatan pergi kemana saja, kamu ingin pergi kemana? perancis

  14. Cangkirmu 1/2 penuh atau 1/2 kosong? selalu penuh.

  15. Kemana kamu akan pergi jika kamu pensiun? bojonegoro. back to my hometown. semoga masi jadi desa.

  16. Hari apa yang paling kamu sukai? senen.

  17. Dimana kamu lahir? bandung

  18. Olahraga apa yang paling kamu sukai untuk kamu tonton? VOLI!!!!! BOLAAA!!!! BADMINTON!!!

  19. Siapa menurutmu yang ga akan NgeTAG balik kamu? ga akan ada yg ngetag gw balik bahkan. secara gw gakan nge-tag orang2.

  20. Siapa yang kamu harap akan pertama NgeTAG kamu balik? ga ad.

  21. Siapa yang paling kamu ingin tahu jawaban pertanyaan-pertanyaan di sini? ya kalo ada org gada gawe yg maw ngerjain, monggo lhoo…

  22. Apa kamu puas dengan hidupmu? belum. dude, i’m a human. ga pernah puas.

  23. Kamu manusia pagi apa manusia malam? malam gw rasa.

  24. Punya hewan peliharaan? YA

  25. Jika hidupmu tinggal sehari, kamu ingin melewatinya dengan siapa? pertanyaan retoris.

  26. Waktu kecil, kamu pengen jadi apa sih? astronot!

  27. Apa pakaian terbaik yang pernah kamu pakai pada saat masa kecilmu? baju batman yang ada sayapnya!!! booo! seandainya baju itu bisa dipake ke undangan, pasti gue pake!

  28. Jika diandaikan, apakah kamu manusia kucing atau manusia anjing? manusia kucing.

  29. Apakah kamu sudah menikah? belom. sebentar lagi mungkin (bikin gosip)

  30. Apakah kamu selalu memakai ikat pinggang? ngga

  31. Pernah kecelakaan mobil? alhamdulillah kagak..

  32. Hewan peliharaan yang menjengkelkanmu? KUCING yang namanya REMI! PLEASE!

  33. Topping pizza favoritmu? suka smua!

  34. Bunga favoritmu? ga ngerti bunga.

  35. Es krim favoritmu? coklat!!

Yes, I Miss You

I miss my besties a lot. Even though I meet them everyday, but we never really catch up and make conversations. We have lotta things to do. We have our own business. PMKT, International Seminar, radio, dances, classes, etc.

I just dropped my tears while I’m writing here. I really want us to be completely five.

Hanging out together, even we never have our lunch together again!



Miss you so, dears…

Thanks to Syeni who successfully made me drop the tears