What I Think (or Feel?) about Apple after Jobs

I am a huge fan of apple since the first time I saw iBook (apple’s notebook before macbook generation). Then I bought my very first apple product, my macbook white in 2008. The next thing I bought was the iPod Nano 4th gen in 2009. I bought a macbook pro for my brother in 2011. And then I got my iPod touch 4th gen in 2012. That’s all. I only have these 3 apple products in 4 years. But I never miss any updates from apple. And I hopelessly cried when I heard Jobs were passed away.

Since one of the best re-inventors in this world has gone, people might not noticed but apple has changed.

Yes it has changed.

It stops re-inventing something. Let’s see the re-invention things Apple has made before now:


I believe people knows that apple is not the first company who made the music player. We had discman and walkman back then. And apple offered something more than what discman and walkman could give. You can store any song you want, in a music player called iPod. Apple re-invented music player.


iTunes is not the first music player software ever. But again, it offered you something more. You can buy your favorite songs in it. No need to buy CDs. Just click, buy, and download. Apple re-invents a unification of music player and music store in one software called iTunes.


Again, apple is not the first company who made cell phone or touch screen phone or smartphone. We had Sony Ericsson P-series before it, we had Nokia communicators, we had blackberry, we had other. But apple had successfully made a new concept of touchscreen phone with no stylus. It also still give one of it specialties: multimedia, in its smartphone. Apple is not the first one but apple reinvents it.


We’ve known kindle or Fujitsu’s tablet before we’ve heard iPad. But apple change the tablet function itself not only for works or reading e-books but also for multimedia, productivity, entertainment and other things that Apple has had. It reinvents the definition of “tablet”


Apple does not have the first web store ever. But it unified apple users need in one store called “appstore” you can download and buy anything you need for your apple products just in one store called “appstore”.

I believe other apple fanboy or fangirl would know much better about this than me. So, what happened, apple? Why do you stop re-inventing things? The iPhone 5, The New “New” iPad, the iPod touch 5th gen, nothing new but better ppi and camera and passbook and pathetic map.

I miss you apple. I miss you…

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