MINI Countryman #Getaway Party

The best thing about working in OEM department is invited to some exclusive product launching. Well, I don’t work in OEM department actually. But, my OEM manager sent me a forwarded email from MINI Indonesia to come to the launching of MINI Countryman (a 4-door MINI) and ask me (and another MT fellow) to join the party. Waaaaaaaaww!!! It’s MINI!!! Yes! MINI Cooper!!!!! My dream car! And I’d be one of those lucky people who could get to see the newest MINI product launched in Indonesia!!

MINI which belongs to BMW Group really had a very different way to launch their product. If you’ve been in BMW event, the event holds in a ballroom. Some kind of exclusive and elegant party. But MINI had their way to hold a party. The party held in Parkiran Timur Senayan. Started at 9 pm, and there’s a big big big container! I thought the container were only for decoration (if you see the trailer of countryman on youtube, you’ll see a guy named Ernest was stucked in a container) but I was wrong. At about 11 pm, the container was opened and… The container was actually where the party would be held!! Cool! And the MINI Countryman was already there waited us to saw it with admiration.

I enjoyed the party so much, I could say something great (sometimes) comes in MINI (size). Hahaha maksa.

In conclusion, God really loves me!!!! He knows what I really need after those works I’ve done since I join the company… Thanks God 😀

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