After Hiatus: Run SNSD Run!

I hardly write this: “It’s been a long time since my last time writing here”. That sentence is such a parameter how good is a blogger manage them selves to keep writing on their blog. And in my case, I really really rarely updating my blog here (anyway, I keep updating my another blog on tumblr). Let’s see how long I’ve gone from here. Couple months, huh? Errr, bad blogger.

Anyway, my recent days don’t have something that could impose me to write something here. Beside I got a new blackberry gemini white, I had to pay IDR 300,000 for repairing my old blackberry 8830 (huron), my cat had a baby kitten, what else? It’s just plain. Not that plain actually, I got some miserable problems, but who cares? I don’t want to share my sorrows here. I need to find my happiness.

And what I found this month are: My birthday! My unnie’s birthday, Taeyeon’s birthday, and SNSD second MV: Run Devil Run!

Gosh, I finally write something related to korea in this blog, since the last time I wrote about SNSD on my other blog!!! I really love the MV Run SNSD Run. I seriously can’t stop playing the song again and again from my iTunes. It’s kinda addictive!! (D’oh where have I been? While others had written about this since last week, I just write it now.).

About the live performance of Run Devil Run, I just saw 3 performances, and so far, Inkigayo was my favorite! On that show, SNSD wear sophisticated outfits, and they were all in a very good condition! Even Taeyeon who used to be less energetic, she was being so energetic on that show! And they were all so beautiful! They look different in that black concept! More mature and err, sexy? Well, I don’t know but seems like they wanted to deaden the cute concept since they’re all grown up now! >.<

Well, there’s nothing really important that I wanted to write. I just want to make sure that I keep posting something in this blog. LOL.

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