Evita Nuh: Watch Out Peeps! She’s Super-Extraordinary!!!

What can a 10 years old girl can do? She can whimper to her dad if her dad didn’t allow her to do something or to buy something, she can collect barbie if she really want it and of course if her parents wanted to buy it for her, she can go to school everyday and make troubles at school or maybe has a fight with boys. She can do everything that normal in her age.

But I’m not gonna write about those 10-years-old girls that just ordinary. Yesterday when I did the blogwalking to Annisa’s blog, I found a post about a girl named Evita Nuh.

She’s a 10 years-old girl. But she’s extraordinary! Just wanna warn you, don’t click the link to her blog if you’re not ready enough. I’m afraid that you’ll be shock and desperate just like me when the first time I read her blog.

OK, back to Evita Nuh. She’s a very young girl but seems like she really understands fashion! FGS peeps, I don’t understand fashion AT ALL!! But based on people’s comments, I conclude that, YES, she understands fashion! In addition, she writes her blog in english. And I could say her english is magnificent! Yes, I know, maybe now you’re about to say: “Jeng, it’s normal to write blogs in english”. But hey! She is still 10 years old!!!. Then, you’re gonna argue me: “So what? She is probably in international school or whatever school that uses english in daily”. OK, OK, you’re right. But still, you must read her blog by your own to understand how extraordinary she is. Maybe writing in english is just ordinary. But, the way she write is incredible! As a 10 years old girl, her writings tells us a great story yet simple and understandable. Ah, it’s so hard to describe how great is her blog by just writing it here. Like what I said before, you MUST open her blog by your own, then you’re gonna understand why I mention her as an extraordinary girl.

And, what I adore the most from her is even though she’s still young. Don’t you think 10 is young??? She already found her desire. Contrary to me. An almost 20 years old girl that still looking forward to my desire. I even just realize that I chose a wrong major! Blah, IR is not so me!

OK, peeps I ran out of words whenever I talk about her. Just come straight away to her blog to prove what I said.

WARNING: Don’t be too surprise! I’ve warned you that she’s extraordinary!

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