Apres Election

Hi fellas, I was off for mid-exams and now I’m back!

July 8th, 2 days ago was the Election day, here, in Indonesia. Do you guys use your vote?

To be honest I just had no idea who would I choose. The debate weren’t absorbing. It was quite (or maybe I could say terribly) boring and wasn’t to the point. I reluctantly watched it. Sometimes, I just watched it for several minutes than I changed the channel or maybe just forgot the TV and busy with my macbook.

Simply, I wasn’t really care and didn’t give too much attention nor preparation for yesterday’s election.

But when the election day came. My Mom and Dad insisted me to use my vote. They said not to be a bad citizen. So, finally I used my vote. But when the voting paper already in my hand, I successfully opened and I saw those candidates photos. Owraits, I’ll vote. But right after I made the decision, I just realized, I DIDN’T KNOW WHICH PART OF THE PAPER THAT I SHOULD GIVE A MARK??? The boxes? Or the photos? or the number?

Oh, My Gosh. I really had no idea.

So, I just want to remind you guys… Read and understand the procedures before you vote. Don’t be like silly-me. :p

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