iPhone 3G S

Yesterday, my friend informed me about iPhone 3G S. I never checked any updates about apple recently. Oh, gosh, seriously, their products never failed me! Last info I got about apple was they has released the OS 3.0 for iPhone and OS Snow Leopard will be released on September 2009. When I saw those updates I just didn’t notice whether there was a new ‘apple creature’ named iPhone 3G S!

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The fastest, most powerful iPhone yet.

That’s what they say on their official site. However the speed is not the one and only pluses you’ll get on the new iPhone 3G S. They mentioned some new features and specs such as:

The Camera

Some people think that iPhone camera was not too good, in fact it’s just 2 megapixel without flash and video recording feature. And, hello, it’s 2009! Autofocus is a must! But iPhone 3G didn’t provide the autofocus on it’s 2 megapixel camera. iPhone 3G S, regarding at those minuses, it finally has 3 megapixel camera (which i believe it would be great! in fact 2 megapixel camera on iPhone 3G was doing great in outdoor and indoor as long as there’re adequate lights), there’s still no flash but thanks for understanding us, apple… You finally let us record our activity with video recording feature in iPhone 3G S. And last update on the camera is the autofocus! Yeah! Finally!!! Thx apple!


If you bought iPhone 3G couple months ago, you probably found 2 colors: black and white. But now, there’s just 1 color available for iPhone 3G. And the iPhone 3G S has  choice of colors: black and white. It’s a little bit unfair, I think. I really wanted the white iPhone 3G. And now, if I buy the white iPhone 3G, people would notice that my iPhone is a secondhand stuff.

New Features

New stuff can’t be said as a new stuff if there’s nothing new in it. So, apple included some new features in their iPhone 3G S. what features?? Here they are:

2x Improved Performance

Load web pages, launch applications, swap portrait screen to landscape screen, and more – even faster.

Built in Video Camera with Editing

Like what I mentioned before, iPhone 3G S camera able to shoot and record VGA videos up to 30 frames per second with audio. As a bonus, you can edit the video right on your lovely iPhone 3G S!!

Voice Control

It wouldn’t be surprising if we can easily make a phone call just by saying the name of someone on our phonebook. And, iPhone 3G S has that features plus it can play music using just the sound of your voice. Watta freak mobile phone!


Who say that iPhone just for those fashionable yet simplicity people? This new feature named Compass is made for those who have adventurous soul in their body and mind (lebay!). This feature includes maps and built in digital compass! Maps on iPhone combines everything you love about Google Maps with the accuracy of GPS and a built-in digital compass.

Spotlight Search

Just like what we’ve got on macs, now we get spotlight on iPhone. The function of spotlight is to search across your iPhone rr search inside Contacts, Mail, Calendar, and Notes.


Last but not the least, with a chat-style view and an intelligent Multi-Touch keyboard that predicts and suggests words as you type, iPhone texts smarter than any smartphone.

For more info, you can go to the apple.com because I took all of the info above from apple site. 😀

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