#IRREPLACEABLESHARON Day 19 : favorite documentary of The Corrs cc: @Sharon_Corr . Home. Maybe because I feel like it’s their farewell. It tells their beginning until their last album. And I love them even more because I see they do not forget where they were born and raised. I miss them.


#IRREPLACEABLESHARON Day 15: favorite picture of Caroline Corr cc: @Sharon_Corr . The first time I saw this picture was when I sent a video of me playing tin whistle to @amandakuswandi, she replied my email with this picture of Caroline. At the first glance, the picture was as if she really tried her best not to laugh because I play it awfully. But somehow it becomes my favorite picture of Caroline


#IRREPLACEABLESHARON Day 14: favorite The Corrs concert . Cc: @Sharon_Corr . The Corrs Live in Indonesia! Even though I didn’t come and see them on the concert because I was still 11 years old and my mommy didn’t allow me to, but imagining them played and had fun in my country is such an exciting moment. I repeatedly play the video downloaded from youtube. Cannot wait to see them having a concert in Indonesia once again! And I will come to their concert! I promise!