Another Bomb Issue In Indonesia

These recent years, somehow I feel so secure, here in Indonesia. Seems like things are getting better.

But, this morning, when I checked my twitter, the first thing I saw was a very disappointing news:

“Bomb Explotion in Jakarta”

After a 4-years calm, FGS!

Two luxurious hotel in Jakarta: JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton Hotel just exploded by a bomb this morning. Killed 9 people and injured at least 50 people. But thanks God, 4 hours after the explosions, the police has sealed-off the area. Guests from both hotels immediately evacuated to more secure area.

Oh, please, bombers! What the hell is in your head??? Indonesia has better image on International level recent years! And you just screwed it up!!! It’s a very big disappointment!

But one thing that can make me smile today is the so-called ‘trending topics’ on twitter. Because now #inonesiaunite is on number 1 trending topics! That means, many Indonesian people really care about what happen in their country, they united to make a better Indonesia. And you know what? I’m so proud to be Indonesian.

C’mon Indonesia! Let’s unite!

One comment

  1. __adooh bomlagi bomlagi__
    __mdh2an indonesia damai ia__
    __kamudapet award(visual daribri)__
    ___kamusilahkan ambil jeng___

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